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Customer growth

Did you read the book Traction from Gabriel Weinberg? Yes, you are allow to skip this post :-) No: read on!

Startups often spend most their resources developing their products; By the time they realize they need to get more customers and try to ramp up their sales+marketing efforts, they’ve run out of money. Unfortunately I discovered it myself in my start-up. In addition I meet various start-ups as a mentor that face the same issue.

Of course I can recommend reading the book but Gabriel did a massive effort in writing an nice article with 78! take-aways from his book. A MUST read

What I like:

  • Do big, cheap, fun and original things

  • Be awesome to your customers

  • Prepare for failure

  • Create compelling social content

  • Personalize your messages

  • Don't rule out cold calling

Of course I also like the other 72 tips.

Happy Reading

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