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  • Kurt Biesemans

Get your customer feedback earlier during implementation

Dual Track Agile focusses on getting customer feedback before actually coding the features.

Nice article written by Kevin Albrecht a while ago but today even more useful.

My takeaways

  • The main reason why we are building software is to solve the problems of our customers

  • Without Dual Track agile features get thrown away by the delivery team since they are not feasible to implement

  • We need to make sure that we implement ideas, coming from customers, that are aligned with the product vision and goals

  • Putting in place a discovery team (Product Owner, Tech Lead, Product Designer) allows to get customer feedback without actually building the feature

  • With a discovery team in place we have 2 cycles: discovery cycle and delivery cycle

  • Typically discovery cycles are shorter, as a result we have customer feedback as fast a possible

Happy Reading!


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